Camping at Enchanted Rock Mostly Meatless Almost Vegetarian Recipes

Camping at Enchanted Rock in the Texas Hill Country

We are lifelong omnivores who got a subscription to Netflix and started watching all the documentaries about eating healthy and the dangers of industrial farming. Deciding that veganism was a little too extreme, we started to take recipes that we already liked and tried to remove (or reduce) the meat. The result is what some people call flexitarian but we just call improved and conscious eating habits.

Our goal is make vegetarian, or almost vegetarian food accessible and edible. It can be quite a struggle to find yet another way to make beans into something original but we are giving it our best shot. We are trying to make as many recipes as possible without using tofu, seitan, tempeh or any other meat substitute. Not that we are against them but we don’t really feel that it takes a recipe to take your favorite meat dish and substitute faux meat.